Plant Lighting Hydroponics

Plant Lighting Hydroponics is the premier national supplier for all of your indoor growing needs. We have been around since 2000.

We supply home growers, greenhouse growers, and commercial growers with a complete line of superior quality horticulture products for hydroponics, soil, raised bed, soilless, container, and organic growing techniques.

We continuously strive to offer the best and most knowledgeable technical support in the industry. Our technical experts have both indoor and outdoor gardening experience to better serve you and answer all of your questions about grow room supplies and indoor gardening equipment.

Plant Lighting Hydroponics features Ebb & Flow, Deep Water Culture, Drip Watering, Self-Watering, Aeroponics, and Cloning Systems from the major hydroponics systems manufacturers. You can grow indoors year round with a quality hydroponics system or other indoor growing technique.

In addition, a dependable lighting system including grow lights, or a grow tent designed to fit your growing application, will save you money with our everyday low prices.

We’ll help you choose an LED, Fluorescent, or HID lighting system designed specifically for your growing application.

Learn how to increase yield and save energy for your indoor growing environment. Feed your plants with organic or mineral-based high-quality plant nutrients, and plant supplements for maximum results.

We’re proud to serve our customers throughout North America from our Plant Lighting Hydroponics website.

Our order turnaround time is one of the best in the industry because your order will normally be shipped within 48 hours! Either way, Trust Plant Lighting Hydroponics for all of your Horticultural needs!

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