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Plan B Organics provides natural soil management and certified organic solutions to farmers, gardeners & horticultural professionals throughout the country and globe.

They have chosen to embrace the current paradigm shift by offering environmentally friendly, natural, and organic fertilizers and soil amendments as a viable alternative for farmers and gardeners to use in place of pesticide laden and non-organic fertilizers.

Plan B Organics blended products are made using a natural formula uniquely blended, and designed to increase biological activity, enhance natural biological processes and complete the mineral complex in the soil. This improves the soils ability to cycle nutrients naturally and increases plant vitality to an optimal level.

The Plan B Organics product lineup includes many types of guanos, crab meal, crab powder, neem cake, soluble seaweed extract, composted dairy manure, premium soil mixes, teak leave blends, and volcanic rock dust. With so many products to choose from, there is a Plan B Organics product to suit every grower’s needs.

Plan B Organics makes premium fertilizers and soil amendments that are pollinator friendly. Their organic fertilizers and soil amendments are formulated using only the finest organic and mineral inputs to ensure a complete balance of nutrients.

All Plan B Organics products are free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, providing you with an alternative to conventional products.

All Plan B Organics Premium Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments are 100% environmentally friendly, are acceptable for Organic Food Production and are GMO Free.

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975 SE Sandy Blvd Portland
Portland, Oregon 97214
United States

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