pH and TDS Equipment Companies

pH and TDS Equipment

When it comes to mastering your garden's nutrient levels and water quality, things like metering and monitoring pH and TDS levels become essential.

The pH and TDS Equipment category of the modern grower's directory includes the manufacturers of instrumentation companies that specialize in making meters for the sole purpose of helping growers master their pH and TDS levels.

Metering and monitoring pH and TDS levels is easy with the use of special testing equipment. For example, a pH tester is a device or tool used to determine the pH of a particular plot of soil, source of water, or nutrient solution.

Soil and water pH can either be neutral, acidic, or alkaline. pH testers determine the acidity or alkalinity of soil and water. pH testers are available commercially in a wide variety of complexity and range, and are useful tools for both soil and hydroponic farmers.

TDS (total dissolved solids) levels can also be measured and adjusted with EC meters.

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