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Most of the companies in the modern growing industry are concerned about helping grower maximize their yields, yet there are a few companies who are all about making sure those yields are packaged and presented in such a way that their freshness is preserved.

Packaging companies in the horticulture industry range from storage solutions like glass jars or bottles, to packing crates, odor-proof bags, and vacuum sealers to preserve freshness.

Protecting your harvest should never be overlooked. After all, you don't want all your hard work to go to waste due to insufficient packaging. That is why it's important to source the most appropriate packaging option for you needs, whether that's driving a few miles to the nearest farmer's market, or shipping your clones or end product across the country.

Features to look for in any package solution are it's durability, food-safe features, ease of use, odor-proofing capabilities, and when it is freezer-safe.

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