Oxygenation and Reverse Osmosis Companies

Oxygenation and Reverse Osmosis

Oxygenation of a plant's root zone is important when it comes to avoiding things like root rot. When growing plants hydroponically, oxygenation becomes even more important in systems where roots are fully saturated in a nutrient solution.

To help deliver enough oxygenation to a plant's root zone, there are many solutions in place, the most popular being bubblers, air pumps, and air stones, which are also used in aquariums to provide oxygen to the sea life within.

There are many companies that specialize in oxygenation equipment such as this, and several other hydroponics equipment manufacturers that have solutions in place for oxygenation.

Without oxygen, the plants in your hydroponic system may not be growing to their full potential. Plant roots need oxygen for aerobic respiration, which gives the plant energy for the roots to grow and to bring in nutrients. A lack of this oxygen means that roots will be stunted.

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