Outside In Garden & Greenhouse Supply

We are a locally owned and operated garden and greenhouse supply store located in the beautiful Missoula Valley in Montana.

Being Montana born and raised, we are experienced in helping our customers garden to this specific region.

We carry all supplies for your gardening needs from basic fertilizing or repotting of your houseplants to the extreme master gardener with components for soil systems, hydroponics, aeroponics, or anything in between, whether it be indoors or out.

Our store carries the largest supply available of outdoor fertilizers focusing on organics not found anywhere else in the city.

We also carry everything needed for greenhouses. Whether your looking to repair or piece together your own greenhouse, or are looking for a brand new setup, our FarmTek products are top of the line.

Ranging from backyard hobbyist to the commercial grower, we have the components and kits to make your greenhouse a success.

Please call or stop in and let us assist you in getting your gardening experience headed in the right direction.

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Featured Location

2302 McDonald Ave., #B
Missoula, Montana 59801
United States

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