Organic Fertilizers Companies

Organic Fertilizers

To meet the rising demand for quality, locally grown organic produce, today’s modern growing companies are rising to the occasion to supply growers with a wide variety of organic inputs for their gardens. The organics category includes many organic sources of plant nutrients, fertilizers, amendments, soil conditioners, soil additives, minerals, grow mediums, and more.

Organic ingredients that are popular among organic growers include: compost, compost teas, manure, bird and bat guanos, bone and blood meal, plant meals, worm castings, kelp, fish emulsions, molasses, and so on.

In the broadest sense of the term, anything that is sourced from the earth can be considered organic. In terms of hydroponics, growing strictly organically is a bit trickier than if you were just growing in soil, but the options are getting better. Most commercial organic hydroponic growers use an OMRI-listed liquid fertilizer blend.

Research the companies below and you are bound to be inspired to grow as organically as possible.

Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fertilizers are derived from the cold, clean, dark, mineral-rich North Atlantic Ocean, which is nature’s... Learn More
Dome Garden Supplies is an international distributor of a wide range of hydroponic products for the hydroponic and allied gardening goods retailer.... Learn More
A leading innovator in the field of hydroponics with factories in North America and Europe, General Hydroponics (GH) was founded over 35 years ago by... Learn More
Green Planet Wholesale Ltd. is a British Columbia based company specializing in the wholesale distribution of quality impact products for the indoor... Learn More
Grotek™ planted its roots in Canada in 1998. We have since grown into a company that is distributed internationally. We are gardeners helping... Learn More
Founded in 1995, Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a Vancouver, WA based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Our product offering... Learn More
Over 30 years ago, Arizona Biological Control, Inc. (ARBICO) was just an offbeat idea Rick Frey had to fill the summers of his teaching gig doing... Learn More
Green Point was founded with the determined vocation of contributing to theagricultural market with accurate 100% organic nutritional and fortifying... Learn More
Left Coast Wholesale is a dedicated team with deep roots in the growing community. Since 2008, we have been committed to delivering personalized... Learn More
Dr. Earth® leads the retail lawn and garden industry, creating cutting-edge natural/organic garden-friendly products. With our company’s total... Learn More
What do you use to clean your gardening and hydroponic equipment? Do you know if it’s safe for you and for your plants? And is it even... Learn More
Biofloral USA was established in August of 2010 with offices and distribution center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In late 2014, we moved west to Las Vegas... Learn More
Welcome to California Soils Inc. We specialize in the production of premium-quality Worm Castings and Soil Amendments for the wholesale market.... Learn More
Coast of Maine Organics is a local New England Company that has been composting lobster shells, kelp, salmon and numerous other ocean resources for... Learn More
S.J. Enterprises was established in 2008 and are the proud manufactures and distributors of the Cyco Platinum Series brand. Our vision is to provide... Learn More
Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance™ offers advantages over other natural products, and poisonous pesticides and fungicides. ZT leaves no... Learn More
Elevation Organics is a Colorado based fertilizer manufacturer using only the finest ingredients and placing high standards on the methods used to... Learn More
The Environment Celebration Institute is a non-profit tax-exempt organization to further environmental awareness and appreciation of our natural... Learn More
EZ-GRO, the makers of Nature’s Nectar, specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of organic specialty nutrients and agricultural plant... Learn More
Flora USA are exclusive distributors of HB-101, a unique, organic plant vitalizer. HB-101 was born from centuries of experience in the care of plants... Learn More

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