Optimum Hydroponix

Optimum Hydroponix® two-part liquid nutrient concentrate provides gardens with balance and proper nutrients targeting specific needs from seedling to harvest. It available in Grow A+B and Bloom A+B formulations in a variety of sizes.

Features of Optimum Hydroponix:

  • Formulated with laboratory grade micro and macronutrients.
  • Stimulates structural and vegetative growth yielding lush, green foliage.
  • Promotes healthy roots and dense vegetation.
  • Stimulates flower and fruit development heightening flavor, aroma, and essential oils.
  • Ideal for all hydroponic gardening systems, soil and soilless substrates.

Optimum hydroponix® two-part liquid nutrients are the solution for hydroponic gardens. pH buffers provide stability minimizing the need for adjustments.

They have been manufactured with laboratory grade micro and macronutrients, chelated minerals and osmotic water for guaranteed excellence and consistent results.

Sold as a pair for one low price, Optimum Hydroponix® A&B liquid nutrients offer plants complete nutrition by means of cost effective solutions.

Also available in the Optimum Hydroponix line are Fulvex Fossil Force, Humex Fossil Force, Mystik Grow, Mystik Root, SuperMax B1, ZenZyme, Titan, Sonic Boost, and a variety of pH and TDS testing and maintenance equipment.

Optimum-Hydroponix products are developed and distributed Brite-Lite Group and have been manufactured to meet stringent specifications.

From Brite-Lite Group’s head office and distribution center in Laval, Quebec, our knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals provides outstanding service to offer all of our customers the information, products, pricing and support they need to succeed.

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