Omnitec Design Inc.

Omnitec Design manufactures negative air machines, scrubbers, moisture extractors, heaters, pressure monitors, and water filtration equipment used by abatement and restoration contractors, health care facilities, in industrial and commercial applications and a wide range of environmental cleanup projects.

Omnitec Design products are ideal for improving the air and water quality of growrooms and other types of hydroponic, greenhouse, and indoor gardens.

Our equipment combines the best technologies available for HEPA air filtration, control of VOCs, odor and biological contaminants and heaters for structural drying and sanitizing.

Our mission is to provide high quality and reliable filtration equipment.

In addition to being suitable for grow rooms, our equipment is used for abatement, remediation, construction and renovations, labs and healthcare facilities, and more.

When you purchase our equipment you will receive not only a quality product, built in the USA, but also our customer service which is the best in the industry.

By purchasing our filtration, dust collecting, and purifying equipment, to will receive from Omnitec our complete support. Breathe easy.

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Featured Location

100 - 4640 Campus Pl.
Mukilteo, Washington 98275
United States

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