Odorchem Manufacturing Corp.

Odorchem Manufacturing Corp. are the creators of the ONA Odor Neutralizing Agent.

The ONA odor neutralizing agent is the number one, multiple award-winning hydroponic odor neutralizer on the market.

Use ONA to make those unwanted smells disappear naturally. Plants, pets, garbage, smoke, germs, mildew – all submit to the power of ONA odor neutralizing agent.

ONA is a powerful and advanced blend of 32 essential oils that are formulated to permanently eliminate even the nastiest smells, naturally. It is not a masking agent. It is non toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe to use around people pets and plants.

ONA is a true odour neutraliser, directly bonding with the odour molecules to render them null and inert – safely and completely. It is available in a variety of scents, like Apple Crumble and Tropical, and available in multiple formats, like sprays and gels.

In addition to ONA, Odorchem markets additional products under two separate brands: eliminating unwanted odors in commercial and residential applications with PowAir - Earth's Best Odor Neutralizer, and, terminating nasty odors in the industrial sector with Air8 - Air Quality Solutions.

Odorchem is based on Canada with worldwide distribution of its odor neutralizing solutions.

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9790 190th Steet. Unit 1
Surrey, British Columbia V4N 3M9

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