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Nutrilife Plant Products is a high quality manufacturer of plant-improving technologies using Bio-Safe ingredients. Our products benefit growers, gardeners and farmers without sacrificing the environment. We serve clients in the following areas: Farms, Garden Centers, Greenhouse & Floriculture, Hydroponics, Institutions, Nurseries, Orchards, Vineyards and other horticulture related businesses.

Nutrilife Plant Products is proudly Canadian owned and our philosophy is to provide only the best quality products and service. Nutrilife Products are made without chemicals and growth hormones and are safe for people and plants alike.

Nutrilife uses only natural ingredients like specific plant extracts, enzymes, pure minerals and seaweed in our products. The Nutrilife Plant Products line offers a wide variety of plant foods, growth improvement formulas, organic and inorganic products for your specific growing needs.

In addition to our scientifically formulated products, we also provide equipment, energy efficient high performance (LED) lighting, Roto-Grow systems, and other unique high tech growing tools.

Nutrilife delivers over 30 years proven experience in the horticulture and hydroponics industry to our valued customers. The Nutrilife plant products line offers a wide variety of plant foods, Growth Improvement formulas, organic and inorganic products for your specific growing needs.

Our plant growth products are all natural and scientifically formulated. Our air products include environment control and oxygenation items, while our water products offer liquid additives and calibration solutions.

Nutrilife also sources the best energy efficient lighting and of course our soil-based products offer additives and supplements to aid growers using coir or soil.

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