Nutrifield is Australia’s leading manufacturer of superior hydroponic solutions, quickly evolving into a revolutionary International market leader within the hydroponics industry.

Our team is made up of passionate industry professionals, dedicated to creating innovative and results driven value-added solutions for the hydroponics industry.

The Newtonian Physics adage: “a body in motion tends to stay in motion” holds true for all of us at Nutrifield®. We are constantly in motion, always listening to our customers to provide cutting edge developments that the industry desires.

We actively pursue perfection through continuous research and development with the goal of providing the best possible solutions for gardeners.

Every product has been extensively tested in our in-house grow facilities. This ensures the utmost quality and consistency in our results before any product is launched, providing you with an unsurpassed growing solution.

At Nutrifield, the emphasis has been shifted to producing more bio-dynamic and organic products that invigorate and energize plants.

We believe there will be no future without sustainable agriculture or horticulture, and this is the primary reason why we released the Smart Garden range. Nutrifield will be the first Australian manufacturer to have a completely organically certified range.

Welcome To the Kingdom of Growth
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Featured Location

52 Technology Dr.
Sunshine West, VIC, 3020

Additional Locations

  • USA Office

    651 Barrington Ave, Unit B
    California 91764
    United States

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