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Perhaps the biggest category of the modern growing industry is the nutrients and fertilizers category. This category includes the makers and distributors of every type of nutrients and fertilizers under the sun and available to both soil growers and hydroponic growers.

Nutrients and fertilizers can either be synthetic or organic, and come in many formats like liquid, powder, granular, and so on. Some growers prefer concentrated nutrients and fertilizers, while others like the convenience of ready-to-go formulas.

Nutrients and fertilizers are all formulated to assist in plant growth. There are various products used for the different growth stages, as well as various products suitable for either hydroponics or soil. Many nutrient formulas come in multiple bottles to give growers greater control over what and when they are feeding their plants.

Nutrients and fertilizers can also come as composts, compost teas, amended potting mixes, and as pure organic inputs like guanos, kelp meals, fish emulsions, molasses, and more.

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