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Perhaps the biggest category of the modern growing industry is the nutrients and fertilizers category. This category includes the makers and distributors of every type of nutrients and fertilizers under the sun and available to both soil growers and hydroponic growers.

Nutrients and fertilizers can either be synthetic or organic, and come in many formats like liquid, powder, granular, and so on. Some growers prefer concentrated nutrients and fertilizers, while others like the convenience of ready-to-go formulas.

Nutrients and fertilizers are all formulated to assist in plant growth. There are various products used for the different growth stages, as well as various products suitable for either hydroponics or soil. Many nutrient formulas come in multiple bottles to give growers greater control over what and when they are feeding their plants.

Nutrients and fertilizers can also come as composts, compost teas, amended potting mixes, and as pure organic inputs like guanos, kelp meals, fish emulsions, molasses, and more.

Complete Hydroponics was founded with one mission in mind: to offer Quality, Consistency, and Reliability to the hydroponic grower and the retail... Learn More
ÜBER comes from the German term "Stand Above" and our products have been designed to do just that: stand above all others in terms of uniqueness,... Learn More
Pure Life Veganix is pleased to bring growers of all levels the veganic plant nutrient line, Vegamatrix. Vegamatrix, which was awarded the 2014 STASH... Learn More
Dating back to the company's inception in 1984, Age Old Nutrients has always striven to develop plant fertilizers that are both sustainable and... Learn More
Since the beginning of the 1990s, Bio Nova has been known as a manufacturer of premium fertilizers for all growing and flowering plants. Years of... Learn More
Cornucopia Plus Corp. is dedicated to bringing the formulations of the late Dr. Luther Thomas to gardeners worldwide. Through Dr. Thomas' visionary... Learn More
Dutchpro is one of the pioneers (“old school of Amsterdam”) and still the sole supplier from nutrients founded and based in Amsterdam. Our award... Learn More
Great Lakes Garden Wholesale is a full service hydroponic and garden supply distribution company based out of Warren, MI. Our product offerings are... Learn More
Famous for its gardening prowess, Humboldt County represents years of collective experience gained by the trials and tribulations of generations of... Learn More
Hydro Station is a wholesaler and retailer of indoor gardening equipment based in Sheffield, UK, and stocks some of the best brands in our field,... Learn More
HydroGarden has been supplying specialist hydroponic equipment to the trade since 1996. We have become a leader in the market and regularly supply... Learn More
Microbe Life's unique microbial and humate products rapidly break down most pollution, vastly improving plant and turf nutrient intake; restoring the... Learn More
MontanaGrow has a simple mission: to provide the highest quality natural silicon fertilizer products to the Organic Farming, Agriculture,... Learn More
Optimum Hydroponix® brand was established by one of the first North American companies to cater to the needs of small commercial growers and... Learn More
Power Si is the original patented form of stabilized, bioavalible silicic acid for crops. Unlike other silica products, we work with the best... Learn More
In the horticulture and hydroponics industries, Arborjet has an array of nutrient and pest control products that include ARBORChar All Purpose Grow,... Learn More
As plant cultivation experts, Botanicare is dedicated to providing superior products, expert advice and support to help growers produce better crops.... Learn More
Since 1991, Hydro-Organics Wholesale Inc, the makers of Earth Juice, has pleased gardeners around the world. Hydro-Organics Wholesale has been... Learn More
Flying Skull Plant Products are the manufacturers behind Nuke em, Z7, Elite Plant Food, Rx10, pH Up and pH Down products, and much more. Flying Skull... Learn More
Greenstar Plant Products is a leading wholesale supplier of quality horticultural products to the Canadian market. With a large number of products... Learn More

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