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Science that has been proven in humans now enhances the plants we cultivate and the food we eat!

Using molecular nanotechnology, NutriBrix has developed a revolutionary process that adds specific Nano nutrients in the forms of oxygen nutrients, glucose and polymers of glucose in water.

The product of this patented process, known as NutriBrix, is water with high levels of oxygen and glucose ready to be dosed into your water to immediately increase dissolved oxygen and glucose levels!

A Certificate of Analysis showing the dissolved oxygen level of NutriBrix is available for download under the Resources section below.

Because oxygen and glucose is increased at the molecular level plants will assimilate the oxygen more efficiently. In addition, NutriBrix will not break down over time so it has a shelf life!

Oxygen and glucose fuel the primary elements to all living things! More oxygen allows for more fuel, which increases growth (similar to today's turbo charged cars making more power).

Results found in plant performance using NutriBrix:

  • Increased Brix levels
  • Increased root growth to support more nutrient uptake
  • Increased nutrient density
  • We have seen over 50% increase in results on many levels

NutriBrix can be used in any growing application that requires water:

  • Soil
  • Hydroponics
  • Aeroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • And more!

NutriBrix can also be used in different stages of growth such as germination/propagation, vegetative, flowering, clones etc. NutriBrix is water so plants that benefit are cannabis, leafy greens, culinary herbs and produce or any plant that can benefit from high levels of oxygen.

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