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Nova Biomatique (2011) Inc. develops, designs, manufactures and markets environmental climate controllers. For the past years, customers have known us under the name of Plug 'N' Grow.

The company focuses on living organisms evolving in climate controlled spaces for both plants and animals. Our products also find applications in science and industry usage. Our products are developed and made as flexible as possible to meet as many needs and customer satisfaction.

Plug 'N' Grow Controllers are available for humidity, temperature, CO2, and more. We sell a suite of integrated and dedicated controllers to cover your needs. For example, the Integrated Controller For Temperature, Humidity and CO2 (6 Equipments).

The iGS-221 integrated controller is the simplest and most complete solution for integrated climate management and CO2 enrichment or venting. Simultaneously controls the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration.

The iGS-221 prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence, avoiding contradictory actions. Intelligently manages simultaneously 6 actions: CO2 enrichment, venting, humidifying, dehumidifying, heating and cooling. Ready to use, just adjust your set points!

We also have the popular Integrated Controller For Temperature Or Humidity & CO2. This is a sophisticated controller for experienced growers. The iGS-220 can increase yields and quality of harvest and energy savings.

No more need to coordinate many controllers together, the iGS-220 prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence, avoiding contradictory actions.

Smart self-adjustment of operation differential keep conditions closest to set points. The iGS-220 is a smart device that provides you with information on the performance of your equipment allowing you to optimize your configuration.

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