Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply

Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply was founded in 2000 after its founders spent 24 years working in hydroponics stores.

We are a wholesale supplier for indoor gardening supplies. We sell HID lighting, reflectors/hoods, fluorescent T5 lighting, nutrients, growing media, complete systems, carbon filters, inline fans and a lot more! Check out our website to find out how you can become an official Nickel City distributor.

Nickel City is your source for premier horticultural gardening supplies, and offers a complete line of the most reliable efficient lighting delivery systems in the industry, the finest hydroponic gardens by General Hydroponics, and the one-and-only Grubbycup's Potting Mix.

In addition to these brands, NCWGS wholesales big brands like Atami, Future Harvest Development, Galaxy Ballasts, Humboldt Nutrients, HYGROZYME, New Millenium, LightRail, Green Power Luminaires, ePapillon, and tons of other lighting accessories. We are the proudest of our our very own Just Right Xtra Soil!

Nickel City Wholesale Garden Supply is your source for premier horticultural gardening supplies. We are based in New York and offer our services nationwide.

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Featured Location

PO Box 251
Corfu, New York 14036
United States

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