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We're very proud of our products, because we know they can save your garden, save your money, and yes, help save your planet, all while avoiding the use of pesticides. Nature's Control was started in 1981 when we began rearing Spider Mite Predators.

Since that time, we've added many more ‘Hired Bugs’ and other helpful garden items to our product line, almost all of them in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Our Pacific Northwest location is ideal for shipping beneficial insects from, because temperatures here are moderate most of the year, an important feature when shipping perishable insects, plus we're close to a major airport.

This Pacific Time Zone location, combined with several-times-a-day Airfreight Pickups, means we can take and ship orders later in the day than from anywhere else in the country, giving you unequaled service.

We know that when you need our products you need them in a hurry, and with our extensive in-stock inventory and our usually-same-day shipping, our specialty is high-quality products delivered in a super-fast hurry.

Using Hired Bugs

Beneficial insects have controlled insect pests for millions of years and now, with Hired Bugs from Nature's Control, you can use them in your garden, too!

Totally safe for humans and their plants, Hired Bugs are also safe for the environment. And they're proven effective - we have many satisfied users growing in home greenhouses, and indoors under lights, as well as in commercial applications, on a variety of crops.

The pests gradually disappear, and the beneficials thrive. When the Hired Bugs start running out of food, you can even move a few 'buggy' leaves to other plants that need help, and the Hired Bugs will crawl off to begin controlling pests on the new plants.

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