Mycorrhizae Companies


The Mychorrizae category in the modern growing industry includes manufacturers who are packaging this type of soil inoculant that is continuing to grow in popularity.

Mycorrhizae is a a beneficial type of fungi that grows in association with most plant roots. Unlike most types of fungus, mycorrhizal fungi has actually been shown to be beneficial to plants. Consequently, they are commonly used as quality and growth enhancers for all sorts of crops.

Mycorrhizae increase the root's ability to absorb nutrients and water from the soil by increasing the surface absorbing area of roots from 100 to 1,000 times. Mycorrhizae also release powerful enzymes that help dissolve nutrients such as organic nitrogen, phosphorous, and iron.

When applying Mycorrhizal products to your garden, it's almost impossible to add too much, but you'll likely want to be conservative due to the fact that the products can be quite costly. Applying once per transplant is often all it takes.

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