Montana Grow

MontanaGrow has a simple mission: to provide the highest quality natural silicon fertilizer products to the Organic Farming, Agriculture, Horticulture, Turfgrass, and Home & Garden industries.

MontanaGrow Silicon Amendment is derived from a high-energy deposit of amorphous (non-crystallized) volcanic tuff formed from a geologic event that occurred roughly 30 million years ago.

MontanaGrow is an Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer that saves agriculture producers money, energizes the ecosystem and protects the environment.

Our Natural Fertilizer benefits agriculture upstream, is good for communities downstream and helps keep the fisheries healthy.

MontanaGrow contains 76% plant available silicon with no additives or chemicals involved in processing.

Our Silicon Amendment can help strengthen plant roots, stems, and foliage. This allows you to grow more using less, more yield with less water, inputs and time while improving your bottom line. Other benefits include resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and longer shelf life.

Organic farmers know that plants, humans and animals need the element Si for growing success to stand erect, and stay healthy.

MontanaGrow is a naturally occurring bioactive amorphous silicon fertilizer product readily available for plants to utilize in their uptake of essential nutrients. MontanaGrow is an OMRI Listed product for organic farmers to apply anytime they want a natural boost for their plant yields and soils.

Applications for MontanaGrow include hydroponics, floriculture, aquaculture, grasses, growing hops, and so much more.

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PO Box 929
Bonner, Montana 59823
United States

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