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The Mission Fertilizer family of products, ROOTS, GROW, BLOOM, SWEETEN, BOOST and ENHANCE are unique blends designed to provide plant nutrients essential for growth. Specially developed to achieve the best nutrients for the plants.

Are you struggling to maximize the yield of your crop using organic methods? Mission Fertilizer Products L.L.C. solves the problem of when and how to properly feed your crop organically to get the highest yield and quality.

Our simple to use organic fertilizer, with easy to follow feeding schedule, can be used at different stages of plant growth to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need.

Mission Fertilizer is available at select hydro stores in California and Colorado in a variety of sizes.

Our GROW nutrient is a certified Organic (CDFA) liquid fertilizer thats gets your plants off to a roaring start. Designed for soil growers and suitable for indoor or outdoors in any soil media. Use during the growth stage week 1-4 (see feeding schedule for details).

Simple to use with no need to worry about PPM or PH (as long as tap water is within normal range) when used with soil. Just 1 tablespoon (15ml) per gallon of water. Best results if used along with recommended Mission Fertilizers according to feeding schedule.

Our ROOTS nutrient is a pure clear liquid guano form of nitrogen for explosive root growth during early plant life. Mission Roots liquid is used weekly during the first several weeks of plant life at a rate of 1 teaspoon per gallon per watering or weekly as shown on feeding schedule.

In addition to our liquid formulas, Mission Fertilizer makes granular Grow and Bloom versions of our products. The Base nutrient of our plant feeding plan comes in a granular form for easy application to soil surface.

By providing your plants with this dry amendment once at time of transplant to the final container at 1 ounce per gallon of soil as shown on feeding schedule, you will provide the basic N-P-K and Calcium needed for early growth.

For more tips on how to use our products to maximize your results, please visit our website.

Mission Fertilizer: Grow the Best

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