Microbe Life Hydroponics

Microbe Life's unique microbial and humate products rapidly break down most pollution, vastly improving plant and turf nutrient intake; restoring the soil to a more natural, biologically active state.

Microbe Life products inhabit the root zone, resulting in better uptake of macro- and micronutrients, minerals and more efficient water usage. This strengthens the roots, leading to a vigorous plant, accelerating photosynthesis at the foliar level, and providing increased energy.

Experience deeper root growth, leading to greener, thicker grass and turf using Microbe Life products. Grow stronger, vigorous plants and greener, brighter foilage with greater blooms, using Microbe Life.

Microbe Life products are developed and tested by Ecological Laboratories, Inc.

Eco Labs brings 36 years of experience, research, development and expertise in microbiology, plant vigor and water clarity to the lawn & garden, hydroponic, and aquaponic markets with our Microbe Life Hydroponics retail product lines.

We continue to develop new products which incorporate and benefit from our core photosynthetic technology.

Why is Microbe Life a superior product line?

Our products have the following, which our competitors do not:

  • Photosynthetic Bacteria - promoting photosynthesis
  • Autotrophic bacteria for improved CO2 conversion
  • Rare earth water soluble humates - mined from organic matter, not leonardite which is not water soluble
  • Ecto - Mycorrhizal fungi
  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria to allow for reduced chemical inputs and conversion of nitrogen present in the atmosphere into forms usable by plants, lawns, trees and shrubs
  • A wide culture consortium to restore balance to the soil web

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