Metering and Monitoring Companies

Metering and Monitoring

The types of things to measure and monitor in the modern growroom include lighting, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, air quality, water quality, and nutrient levels.

The only way to control everything in an indoor garden properly is through the use of the correct measuring and monitoring procedures. To help you master your indoor grow, it’s important to have the right meters on hand to help you out. Don’t leave things like pH, EC, and TDS levels all up to chance!

Invest in the right meters and you’ll become a master grower in no time. In some cases you can even send away for this type of monitoring or order testing kits to take home. For more serious growers, light meters are available, as are hydrometers and refractometers.

Automation equipment is also often paired with monitoring equipment, taking the guesswork and constant upkeep out of the equation. Contact any of the companies below to get started.

Bluelab Corporation Limited manufactures the World's favorite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring and controlling parameters such as... Learn More
Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd is the UK's largest digital thermometer manufacturer. Established in 1983, Electronic Temperature Instruments... Learn More
HM Digital is a manufacturer of water-testing instruments, including handheld meters and inline monitors, for measuring EC, TDS (in ppm) and pH. Our... Learn More
Founded in 1991, Trans Instruments is a scientific instruments manufacturer specializing in producing water analytical instruments. Our instruments... Learn More
Since the beginning of the 1990s, Bio Nova has been known as a manufacturer of premium fertilizers for all growing and flowering plants. Years of... Learn More
Open Grow is a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of automation solutions for any agricultural endeavour. Open Grow is the proud... Learn More
Introduced in 1968, PRO-MIX has always provided commercial growers and consumers with cutting-edge and value-added growing media products. PRO-MIX... Learn More

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