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Mega Mass Plant Products is a Canadian manufacturer of unique, quality, cost effective gardening products. Our constantly expanding line of product offerings are easy to use, utilize only the highest grade ingredients, and are sure to please even the most experienced gardener!

Science has proven the benefits that proper nutrient intake and supplementation provides for humankind and now we have harnessed this technology to bring these benefits to your plants!

We are proud to present you Mega Mass Plant Products. Born out of a vision to cultivate successful gardeners our recipes and blending techniques utilize time honored traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Only the finest raw ingredients are used to craft our offering of fertilizers and supplements. This lineup of Performance Enhancing Products include our signature series Grow, Blend, Bloom, along with Missing Link Gold, Missing Link Black, Pure Energy, Weight Gain, and the Bio2 CO2 Enhancement System™.

The ease of use and Performance Enhancing Products of the Mega Mass Plant Products system are sure to increase size and yields of your favorite plants. Demand Mega Mass Plant Products from your favorite retailer today.

Be sure to look at our most recent innovation in indoor gardening: BiO2. A natural, biological CO2 enhancement system that really works!

With our innovative CO2 product line you can optimize your plant environment without heat or electricity! BIO2 CO2 Enhancement is a all natural CO2 enrichment system for your grow rooms.

It is the perfect solution to avoid the high costs associated with CO2 bottles, burners and meters. The BIO2 system will deliver carbon dioxide to optimal levels just by the normal temperatures in the grow area.

BIO2 uses no electricity, produces no heat and does not increase the humidity of the indoor grow environment. The greatest advantage of the BIO2 CO2 Enrichment system is the health benefits and harvest weight increases of your favorite plant.

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