Maxi Hydro

Automate 90% of your organic plant's growth & harvest with the MaxiOne by Maxi Hydro.

Maxi Hydro has developed a way to grow your prefect strains in a total controlled environment for bigger & better quality yields.

Maxi Hydro’s MaxiOne is the must have growing unit designed with simple to use easy & automated way to clone for maximum yield in the perfect environment desired.

  • Computer Touch Panel Control System (Password Enabled)
  • 100% Light Containment With Professional Steel Built
  • Extremely Quiet & Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Use Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System For Accelerated Growth & Bigger Yields
  • Reflective Panels Allow Even Distribution of Light
  • Air Circulation & Odor Containment System For Complete Odor Control
  • Simple To Clean, and Built To Last With Minimal Work
  • Secure Key Accessible Door Lock

Maxi Hydro was founded by a group of tool specialists who have great concern for the future of the earth. The current lawn and garden industry uses mainly gasoline products, which is expensive and harmful to the environment. Therefore, Maxi Hydo started the idea of going GREEN.

To keep this idea and the GREEN awareness of the company, we decided to use the color GREEN as our color scheme for all of our DC cordless tools. Thinking GREEN is the future! Making GREEN color products doesn't mean that the product will be good.

We selected the best components on the market today and utilized them on all of our tools. We are committed in providing you the best tool with the best performance while also being eco-friendly.

Maxi Hydro plans to change the gardening experience, making it easier and simpler to enjoy your gardening work. Not to mention keeping the garden more GREEN!

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355 S Lemon #B5
Walnut, California 91789
United States

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