Mantis Plant Protection

Manti Plant Protection manufactures and selsl premium-quality, natural and organic pest control solutions for organic greenhouse, garden, and hydroponic growers.

Dallas Piscopo, the founder of Mantis Plant Protection, is a Certified Agriculture Pest Control Adviser working with organic growers in California, Arizona, and Mexico.

A few years back he also worked as a global product manager for a large agriculture crop protection company in charge of developing, registering, and launching organic pesticide products in various parts of the world.

Equipped with his experience in the field and in pesticide development, Dallas started Mantis Plant Protection to provide growers with professional pest control tools that are 100% organic, easy to use, and actually do a great job controlling plant pests.

Some of Mantis Plant Protections product line include:

  • Mantis EC Botanical Insecticide/Miticide Concentrate
  • Mantis RTU Insect-Killer
  • Mantis DE Diatomaceous Earth
  • Mantis Cold-Pressed Neem Oil

Rosemary, peppermint, and soybean oil makeup the entire active ingredient profile of Mantis EC and Mantis RTU.

Working together in unison, these natural botanical oils provide quick, knockdown control smothering insects and spider mites by clogging their spiracles (breathing spores) and breaking down their outer cellular membranes resulting in a rapid death.

But that’s not all they do, the strong scent of the essential oils of rosemary and peppermint function as neurotransmitter disruptors, which confuses and repels insects from feeding on your plants in the first place.

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340 West 32nd St. #384
Yuma, Arizona 85364
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