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With 10 years of hands-on experience with LEDs and over 24 years of experience in the design and manufacture of architectural lighting, brothers Geoff and Jaxon Patterson know what works.

They grew up working in their family's architectural lighting business where they got to know the terminology and materials of the industry and were always hearing about advances in lighting technology. They explain:

As lighting designers, we've witnessed and even participated in the amazing advances LED technology has made over the past ten years. With customers consistently asking us for our take on grow lights, we realized it was time to apply our expertise to the grow room to help move forward the technology that we believe is already revolutionizing the growing experience.

So, over the past two years, we've been experimenting and pushing the boundaries of LED grow lights, building on existing technology to increase yields and give growers more power and more flexibility through tools that, up till now, were simply not available. Welcome to Lifted Labs.

We began building our City Series spectrum with four bands of optimal PAR wavelengths, drawing on the power of the most advanced discrete LEDs to cover the most productive spectral ranges. To that foundation, we've added both infrared (IR) and ultra-violet (UV) LEDs, further increasing PPFD.

If we stopped there, we would already have a strong spectrum for growth. However, drawing on our experience with architectural lighting, we realized that we could take the spectrum to the next level with a single addition: the full spectrum COB.

Until now, switching to LED grow lights has meant embracing the "pink glow." For growers used to less-efficient but whiter HID or metal halide grow lights, it could be a sacrifice. Experientially, the white light simply creates a more pleasant work environment.

Now, with Lifted's full spectrum LEDs, growers can gain the spectral distribution and efficiency of LED AND keep the white light. Win-win.

And, while growers appreciate the ambiance, the white light also helps to highlight any problems arising with pests, disease or other issues that might remain less visible under the pinkish hue.

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