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The category of modern grow lighting has evolved so much in the last two decades that one type of lighting – LEDs – has been given its own category. Why? It’s because LEDs function very differently from other grow lights like high-intensity discharge (HID) and fluorescents.

To choose one LED lighting from another, you’ll want to compare efficiency ratings, form factors, heat outputs, initial costs, and warranties. LED lights also come in a few different forms. Growers can choose from fixtures, bars, or panels.

No matter what LED lighting you’re looking at, they all have a few things in common, such as their ruggedness, longevity, efficiency, dropping costs of manufacturing, and low operating costs. Growers love how they can often dial in their lighting spectrums, and the fact that LEDs run cooler so growroom cooling costs are lowered.

Proponents say these benefits are what make LED technology a good investment for indoor growers.

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LUMii is a British designed range of quality lighting products for growing plants. The range has been designed by growers, for growers and is packed... Learn More
PL Light Systems develops and manufactures supplemental lighting systems for the horticultural industry. We offer a complete range of innovative... Learn More
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