Kelzyme was founded in the 1980s and trademarked in the 1990s under different names to mine, license, test and market the deposit of fossilized sea kelp discovered in Northern Nevada by Milton Christensen.

Since then, Kelzyme has grown as a company and now makes its unique product available to livestock and poultry producers, private livestock owners, commercial agricultural growers, and home gardeners looking for a simple and natural alternative.

Kelzyme's flagship product for the indoor gardening and hydroponics market is Kelzyme element XX, a calcium rich mineral composite that aids in root, shoot, and plant growth. It is micronized for hydroponic applications, and can be used with all media.

Calcium is critical to the plants of our hydroponic customers, essential for plant cell wall structure and strong stems and leaves. Certain growing media such as coco coir suggest additional calcium, particularly in the first few weeks of a plant’s life, due to its cation exchange properties.

For soil gardeners, Kelzyme soil conditioner is an excellent source of soil-enriching calcium. Apply it on its own or in conjunction with organic or chemical fertilizers and watch your garden bloom like never before.

Kelzyme soil conditioner is approved for organic use. Use Kelzyme soil conditioner in your garden without fear of dumping harmful pollutants in the environment or burning your plants.

The Kelzyme offices are located in Brooklyn, New York & Clayton, California.

Our production facilities are in Northern Nevada. Our unique and all-natural mineralized deposit is sold around the world, including Europe, Central and South America, Asia, Africa, Canada, and the United States.

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