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Irrigation is a broad category in the modern horticulture industry referring to any means of delivering water to growing plants. Irrigation can take a number of different forms, from irrigation ditches to drip irrigation and more.

The companies listed within the irrigation category below specialize in equipment to help you best irrigate your modern indoor garden, whether that be in a greenhouse, or via a hydroponic system. Types of irrigation equipment include, sprayers, hoses, pumps, drip emitters, automation equipment like timers and controllers, and so on.

Drip irrigation relies on the use of drip emitters, or plastic pipes with tiny holes in them (drip hoses), while spray irrigation requires the use of machinery and is more expensive to implement. Spray irrigation relies on a series of hoses and sprayers or sprinklers.

With water conservation being top priority among farmers these days, the irrigation category is constantly evolving with new technology and gadgets to maximize a gardener's water usage.

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