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Insect and Pest Control

In the modern growing industry, insect control is a sub-category of pest control that mainly includes insecticides – products specifically designed to eradicate insects and other arthropods.

An insecticide can be formulated to kill, mitigate, repel, or harm one or several species of insects. Various insecticides work in different ways. Some damage the insect's exoskeleton, some act upon the nervous system, and others kill or control them by some other means. The most commonly used insecticides include carbamates, pyrethroids, and organophosphates.

In addition to insecticides, growers also have preventative options when it comes to dealing with insects. This includes setting up things like sticky traps and mesh screens, as well as practicing general cleanliness when it comes to indoor growrooms, and/or adding beneficial insects to the garden.

When considering insect control options for your indoor garden, it's important to consider the end product and use only products that are deemed safe to use on consumable crops.

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