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Hydroponics, also referred to as soilless growing, is one of the largest categories of the modern growing market simply because of how popular and feasible it has become, and because of how many options today’s manufacturers have developed and successfully marketed.

In addition to consumable items like soilless grow media and nutrients, which rightfully have their own categories, to grow hydroponically you first need the hardware to set up your system. In the hydroponics category, you will find suppliers of complete systems, or suppliers of the components you need to create your own system, such as nutrient reservoirs, containers, trays, grow beds, air stones, pumps, timers, and controllers.

Hydroponic grow systems are often sold as complete packages that range in size from just a few buckets and a reservoir with some tubing, to large, factory-sized grow beds, trays, troughs, and irrigation systems.

When choosing a system, consider the amount of space available, your crop choice, and your budget.

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