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Hydroponics, also referred to as soilless growing, is one of the largest categories of the modern growing market. In addition to consumable items like soilless grow media and nutrients, which rightfully have their own categories, to grow hydroponically you first need the hardware to set up your system.

Hydroponic grow systems are often sold as complete packages that range in size from just a few buckets and a reservoir with some tubing, to large, factory-sized grow beds, trays, troughs, and irrigation systems.

There are six basic types of hydroponic systems, including wick systems, deep water culture systems, drip systems, aeroponic systems, nutrient film technique systems, and ebb and flow (flood and drain) systems.

When choosing a system, consider the amount of space available, your crop choice, and your budget. Will you want your system to be portable? Will it be outside? These are all things you have to consider before setting up your first system.

Dome Garden Supplies is an international distributor of a wide range of hydroponic products for the hydroponic and allied gardening goods retailer.... Learn More
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Green Planet Wholesale Ltd. is a British Columbia based company specializing in the wholesale distribution of quality impact products for the indoor... Learn More
Grotek™ planted its roots in Canada in 1998. We have since grown into a company that is distributed internationally. We are gardeners helping... Learn More
Founded in 1995, Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a Vancouver, WA based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Our product offering... Learn More
Biofloral USA was established in August of 2010 with offices and distribution center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In late 2014, we moved west to Las Vegas... Learn More
Today’s aspiring local farmers don’t often have the tools or experience they need to start or scale a hydroponic farming business. As a result their... Learn More
Current Culture H2O® is located in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, arguably the most productive agricultural land on the planet. Our... Learn More
Grow Patrol’s mission is to be the brand of choice for growers, farmers, and gardeners alike by providing products that are not only supremely... Learn More
Growlush is Australia's premier hydroponics equipment brand and distributor in Australia, empowering hydroponic growers with the means and the... Learn More
Nutrifield is Australia’s leading manufacturer of superior hydroponic solutions, quickly evolving into a revolutionary International market leader... Learn More
O2 Grow, a division of the Oxygen Research Group LLC, is the exclusive worldwide licensee for patented technology that significantly increases the... Learn More
Sipco is a family owned Canadian company that started in 1974. We specialize in manufacturing and marketing enzyme based solutions for the... Learn More
AutoPot Watering Systems USA was formed in May 2012 by Jason Ralph Smith, Giles Gunstone, Jon Grace, Marcel Palm and Paul Milner. Jason is also the... Learn More
Ecopro Tools was founded by a group of tools specialists who have been around the lawn and garden industry for over 30 years. With specialists... Learn More
Automate 90% of your organic plant's growth & harvest with the MaxiOne by Maxi Hydro. Maxi Hydro has developed a way to grow your prefect strains in... Learn More
Smithers-Oasis’ global expertise of the plant and flower business stretches from propagation to presentation. With locations in 20 countries... Learn More
AutoPot Global Ltd is a premium, more cost-effective watering solution based in Hampshire, United Kingdom with vast experience in the cultivation... Learn More

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