Growlink (formerly Hydropods) is an agriculture technology company that connects growers to their operations. We build well-designed, tightly integrated hardware and software products that enable you to work smarter, providing wireless automation and control, data collection, monitoring, optimization and visualization. All in one platform.

Growlink is the fasting growing provider of automation and control solutions for the connected grow. Our solutions allow you to control virtually any device in an indoor grow or greenhouse, automatically.

Founded in 2015, the company mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, climate, fertigation and irrigation systems in a single room or throughout the entire grow operation.

Growlink’s connected Environment Controller allows you to see, monitor, and control a grow operation from anywhere using your smartphone.

This Internet of Things device is designed for indoor and greenhouse grow operations. Its modular design allows you to scale from home grows to large greenhouses and everything in between.

It is part of Growlink’s complete cloud-based ecosystem and is capable of using machine learning to optimize growing conditions. The Environment Controller combines an accurate digital temperature & humidity sensor and CO2 sensor in one reliable and easy-to-use controller. Works with all your existing equipment.

Growlink is a Denver-based tech company that concentrates on making hydroponic growing easy for everyone. We build well-designed, tightly integrated hardware and software.

Our Environment Controller and Nutrient Controller are now shipping to customers. These cloud-based Wi-Fi Controllers enable growers to see, monitor, and control a grow operation from anywhere using their smartphone.

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