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The category of plant growth promoters mainly refers to liquid, gel, or powdered formulas that can be fed to hungry plants to speed up their growth. Growth promoters are may be either synthetically produced or obtained from biological derivatives. However, they are all formulated to help plants achieve faster growth in the vegetative and flowering stages.

Unlike bloom boosters, which contain elevated levels of nutrients like phosphorus and potassium, plant growth promoters usually contain a series of plant hormones, the top three being auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins.

Many growth promoters also include trace minerals, organic stimulants, and amino acids formulated to increase stem strength, prevent weakness, and prevent deficiencies and diseases.

Plant growth promoters should not be confused with the terms “natural growth promotors” (NGPs) or “antibiotic growth promotors”, which are terms commonly used in the livestock farming industry to describe medications that destroy or inhibit bacteria in the animals.

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