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Grower's Choice is an American company operating out of Southern California, and a collaborative effort led by lighting and horticulture experts. We develop high quality, durable and affordable lamps which are designed to better meet the needs of plant cultivators than existing lamp fixtures on the market.

Our most popular products include our range of Cerami Metal Halide bulbs and fixtures, as well as our 600W HPS/Metal Halide and 1000W HPS/Metal Halide bulbs and fixtures.

We operate out of California, alongside some of the most experienced growers in the world. As a domestic company, we understand the needs of today's agricultural industry, and aim to provide effective lighting solutions for both large scale and hobbyist growers alike.

Grower's choice understands exactly what plants and growers need. Plants have multiple compounds that absorb different types of light during different stages of growth to be used during photosynthesis, and our goal is to provide you with a lamp that gives your plant everything that it wants, and nothing that it doesn't.

Growers spend extra money replacing lamps that wear out too quickly, or break because they were poor quality to begin with. Keeping these types of problems in mind, we have collaborated with local horticulture experts to come up with a line of lamps that outperform the competition.

  • Grower's Choice' research and development team is led by a group of lighting and horticulture experts from around the world with over 30 years experience developing lighting solutions specifically for plants.
  • We achieve the highest level of quality by sourcing parts from Germany, Japan, and The United States.
  • Using state of the art manufacturing technology allows us to provide you with a quality product for a lower price than our competitors.
  • Grower's Choice' defect rate is lower than the industry standard because all of our products are tested in house by a trained technician before being put to market.
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1500 S. Milliken Ave Unit B
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