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Grow Patrol’s mission is to be the brand of choice for growers, farmers, and gardeners alike by providing products that are not only supremely functional but also purpose-built to provide space-saving, clean, efficient storage solutions for the horticulture industry.

Growers, farmers, and gardeners, can appreciate the modular, space saving, finished products Grow Patrol manufactures in the USA. No matter if you're an indoor or outdoor operation you can benefit from our stackable reservoir systems.

Grow Patrol offers stationary and mobile space-saving solutions for growers who value and understand that every square foot counts. We strive to maximize the operation's efficiency for liquid storage and simplify the integration of other components to our systems.

Growers choose Grow Patrol as a result of our flexible, functional, and finished product designs. We manufacture the highest quality product and stand behind it what a limited-lifetime warranty. Grow Control offers a complete range of space-saving, stackable reservoir systems for clean and efficient fluid handling in the hydroponic growroom.

Check out our selection of reservoirs, reservoir stands, reservoir accessories, grow trays, and nutrient transfer tools.

We offer hinged-top reservoirs, open-top reservoirs, and stackable reservoirs to suit the needs of any hydroponics enthusiast.

  • Grow Patrol Stackable Reservoirs range from 45 gallons to 310 gallons.
  • Grow Patrol Hinged Lid Reservoirs are offered in 110 gallons and 150 gallons.
  • The largest open top reservoir is 360 gallons.
  • Flood tables are offered in 150, 200, and 300 gallons.

Let us help you grow!

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411 West Congress Street W
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