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Growing in containers offers several advantages, the most of obvious of which is the ability to move and transplant your garden whenever is required.

The advantages of container gardening are further enhanced by today’s modern styles of grow containers. The grow containers category has expanded to include fabric containers that allow plant roots to air prune, as well as net pots and other mediums that support plants in a hydroponics garden.

Today’s containers are functional and attractive. Some have zippers, some have handles, and most can reused. When looking at a container supplier for your next big gardening project, it’s important to consider: How often will you need to transport the pots, and what types of media will you be adding to them?

Another big consideration is how often you will be around to water the plants. Look for high-quality containers that are both eco-friendly and made of food-grade materials. If you’re not sure, ask questions and compare labels.

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