Ground Control Hydroponic and Garden Supply

Ground Control Hydroponic and Garden Supply in Alaska was started originally as a landscape construction company by John & Alisha Mahoney in 2006.

After getting so busy in the short summer season with the landscape business and not having time to garden, we ventured into hydroponics during the winter.

We have always had a love for plants and the more we learned about hydroponics, and saw the reactions from friends and family we realized there was a market for hydroponics in Homer.

So, after a few years, we opened a retail store in March of 2010. Our store's main focus is hydroponic supplies, although we do carry a selection of other general gardening items.

We really enjoy the versatility & cleanliness of hydroponics, being able to have anything from a simple homemade counter top herb garden to a more elaborate, whole room, sunroom or greenhouse dedicated to a winter or year-round garden.

We really want people to see how easy and fun it can be. There are also the health benefits, not only are you growing your own food so you know what's in it, but there is also the benefit of the extra light during the long winter months.

We strive to bring excellent customer service, products and knowledge to our customers. If the fall harvest comes too soon and May seems too far away, you may want to try hydroponics!

Store Hours

Monday-Saturday: 11:00am-6:00pm

Closed Sunday

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Featured Location

1231 Ocean Dr.
Homer, Alaska 99603
United States

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