Grofax 5 Hydroponic Supply Center

Grofax 5 Hydro is a locally owned grow shop located in Denver’s North Metro Area within the city of Federal Heights. Grofax 5 Hydro is your source for lighting, hydroponics, and indoor gardening supplies. Our team of educated staff are eager to assist you, answer questions, and provide guidance, if needed.

Grofax 5 Hydro caters to your needs: commercial, residential, wholesale cultivator, caregiver, infused product manufacturers, indoor/outdoor, personal medical and recreational, and hemp farms.

Located in North Metro Denver, we provide individualized customer service for those looking to purchase hydroponic and indoor garden supplies.

Store Hours

Mon-Sat: 10am to -7pm

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Featured Location

8868 Federal Blvd
Federal Heights, Colorado 80260
United States

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