Greenpoint Fertilizer

Green Point is a multinational corporation dedicated to manufacturing and
marketing a wide variety of products whose common denominator is the biggest
nutritional and fortifier efficacy for any crop: farming, gardening, outdoor or
indoor, with an absolute respect for environment and sustainable development,
using the most useful and advanced European technology and the latest chemical
and biological innovations, tested in our laboratories and test fields in Spain and
several countries with many different soil conditions and weather.

Our scientific support lets us work with the most appropriate compounds and
materials without inconvenience because of its nature or specie, incorporating
the last generation physico-chemical material, unicellular sweet water
microalgae, amino-purine, auxin, cyto-kinins, amino acids, lignosulfonates,
seaweed, beneficial bacteria, and a long list, which includes any beneficial
material for the best activity of the products, designed to be 100% organic, 100%
Biological or conventional/inorganic in the lowest residual level.

The formulation techniques used are adapted permanently to the newest nonresidual
production systems in Europe, being our main principle a future with
clean and more productive crops.


Featured Location

P.O. Box 4282
Santa Fe Springs, California 90670-1282
United States

Additional Locations

  • Calle Las Guirnaldas, Nave 50
    Malaga, 29792

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