Green Point HT, S.L.

Green Point SL is an ecological company, Andalusian, located just minutes from Algarrobo (Malaga, Spain). We feel rooted to our land and, therefore, from here we produce, develop and distribute our products.

With them, we aim to make modern agriculture greener, more efficient and, of course, more profitable. Green Point S.L. has become a point of reference as producer and distributor, in the international ecological area, with a huge variety of biological and ecological products: from nutrients and liquid and solid correctors.

We also have a huge range of conventional products, made according to our philosophy to respect the environment.

Do you wish to be our distributor? At Green Point S.L. we wish to enlarge worldwide our presence, therefore we request new distributors who represent our company. The basic principle when we formulate our products consist of polymer complexes (vegetables organic materials), added to macro and micro elements.

The organic products results always from physical-chemical processes where we combine basically unicellular microalgae, lignosulphates of sugar reeds and vegetables natural ferments with some natural or synthetic chelate, depending on the case.

This principle reaches really pure solids and liquids with an 100% ecological organic certification, or 100% biological, or without harmful residues, depending the product and the need. This allows the coverage of all the irrigation methods range, no matter if per soil or leaves, because of the tiny size of the obtained particles.

Our scientifical support, allows us, with wisdom, to work with the best compounds without the problems because of their nature or specificity, incorporating: last generation physical-chemical material, unicellular sweet-waterculture mirco-algaes, amino-purine, auxin, cytokinins, vegetable origin amino acid, lignosulphonates, marine algaes, beneficiary bacterias and a huge etcetera which includes any beneficial material for the best activity of the formulates, conceived necessarily to be 100% ecological (organic), 100% biological or conventional, but with the less possible level of residues.

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Featured Location

Pol.Industrial La Peña, 1
Algarrobo, 29750

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