Green Point Fertilizers

We are a multinational corporation founded in 2004, dedicated to manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of organic and natural fertilizers, produced with the most current generation technology available in the European farming market and with the best quality - price ratio.

We currently sell our products in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and now, in the United States. Our product line includes Boom GP, Fitogreen, and BNBat Eco.

BNBat Eco is a quality liquid fertilizer, composed by a lot of organic matter, especially formulated and developed for last generation crops. It acts as catalyst and activator of the nutrition of the plants.

Combine Bnbat Eco with ANY PRODUCT of Green Point to enhance the action and the results of the products. Use this product during the entire life of the plant, you will see the difference.

  • 100% Product valid for all kind of plants.
  • 100% Advanced European Technology.
  • 100% Organic product certified in Europe.
  • Product highly concentrated. Always Mix with water.

Green Point: Fertilizing your world.

We highly believe that our company projects and upholds the concepts of natural, organic, non polluting, waste-free, green technology, respect, honesty, and TRUST that we believe are the basis to build a better future.

If you have any question about composition of products, information (MSDS, Info sheets, labels, etc), directions for use, technical support or have any suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

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