Grasshopper Extractors

The Grasshopper Extractor revolutionizes the dry ice pollen extraction method by automating the process.

The Grasshopper Extractor is an all natural, solvent less, chemical free, high yield machine that produces the finest kief, saving you precious time, while making you money.

One pound of plant material can be processed at a time when combined with three pounds of crushed dry ice. Allow five minutes for the plant material to freeze and then let the Grasshopper Extractor do the rest.

At the end of five minutes of vibration you can expect to produce up to 60 grams, or a little over two ounces, of pure kief. Repeat the process and an additional 36 grams of kief will be produced from the plant material.

At the end of the second run you can expect up to have generated a total of over three ounces, or over 20 percent, of high quality kief from your plant material that is ready for further processing in BHO or CO2 extractions for a superior product, all within 15 minutes.

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