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Geoflora Nutrients was founded in 2018, with the intent of making the process of fertilizing, amending, and feeding grows of any scale an easy process. The result was an easy to use organic fertilizer system that can be deployed on a large scale. By combining a granular form factor with a wide range of carefully selected organic ingredients, Geoflora Nutrients delivers a balanced charge of beneficial bacteria and over 19 organic inputs with diverse macro and secondary nutrient profiles, which work together to produce a simple yet effective solution for cultivators who want to see results – without the hassle.

Geoflora Nutrients VEG and BLOOM are organic, one-part formulas optimized for each phase of plant growth. These CDFA OIM approved and OMRI-Listed blends combine 19 organic inputs and beneficial bacteria into an easy to apply, dustless granular formula. These complete blends can be used as a top-dress to provide a full spectrum of nutrients to your plants in one easy step, allowing for quick and effective feeding at any scale.

For more information on Geoflora Nutrients, visit our website at , or check out our Instagram page to speak with one of our staff at @geoflora.nutrients

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