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After growing hydroponically for years I tried every variation of different plant containers and growing mediums. I tried all the methods of nutrient solution delivery, and had plateaued utilizing all current available products on the market, but I knew that things could be improved!

There were other GOOD grow bags out there but I wanted something GREAT. I needed a bag that breathed better, and wouldn’t absorb and build up nutrient salts or support algae growth. Believing that things could be better is what drove me to invent! Radicle Bags were evolved from a need for things to be better.

After growing in fabric grow bags for ten years I had come to fully understand the benefits, limitations and draw-backs of the fabric itself. The magic of a Radicle Bags is in our innovative geo-textile, and once you try it, you will never go back!

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PO Box 741267 Jefferson County
Arvada, Colorado 80006
United States

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