Garden Galaxy

At Garden Galaxy, basic plant science is at the heart of our product development efforts.

Understanding the many issues at the root of plant health and vigor, as well as the special issues related to growing indoors under synthetic sunlight is our continuing focus.

Product development and the information we disseminate is directed to assist our clients in these areas.

By helping to boost plant photosynthesis, root system growth, plant health and yield, the staff at Garden Galaxy has become a valued partner for the indoor gardener.

Garden Galaxy is a home based business located near Eastlake in Chula Vista California. Due to each clients unique grow areas and goals, our systems are built to order for our customers.

Some of our products include:

Watering Halos

These patented water distribution rings evenly and slowly drip the water throughout the container soil system. The clear connectors make it very easy to put the watering rings onto your plants.

Distribution Spines

The Spines connect the submersible water pump to the watering Halos. These are designed to provide full flow to each Halo and therefore assure that each plant receives an equal amount of water.

The Plant Rocket System

The Plant Rocket System from Garden Galaxy is designed and built to bring Indoor Soil Grows to state-of-the-art! Modular, easy to use with advanced professional nutrients designed to boost photosynthesis and accelerate plant growth indoors. Reduce grow light expense.

Increase Yield by 20% or more with these features:

  • Save Time - no more hand watering
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect system components
  • Save Time - easily connect and disconnect your plants
  • Reduce hassle
  • Avoid complicated drip setups
  • Assure even distribution of water to each plant
  • Water up 48 plants with ONE SMALL 260gph pump
  • Start with as few as 2 or 3 plants or as many as 48 on a single system
  • Economical and reliable
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Featured Location

2087 Waterbury
Chula Vista, California 91913
United States

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