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There is a growing variety of fungicides being made available to modern growers. This is because pathogenic fungi are not only one of the most prevalent detriments to plague an indoor garden, but they may also be one of the most destructive.

Many fungicides work by preventing outbreaks from occurring in the first place, or they prevent mild outbreaks from spreading further and taking over. Edible crop growers are starting to turn their heads toward organic fungicides, which are much safer for the grower, the plants, and the end consumer.

Organic fungicides include sulfur fungicides, copper fungicides, neem fungicides, bicarbonate fungicides, botanical fungicides, and biological fungicides. These organic products pit nature against nature, so to speak.

There are synthetic versions of fungicides available as well. Always be sure to check the label carefully when purchasing a fungicide. When in doubt, ask the manufacturer of the product you intend on using. Many of them can be found below.

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