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Foliar Applications

Foliar application is a commonly used horticultural method of applying pesticides and fertilizers to plants. In terms of pesticides applications, foliar application (the act of spraying plant leaves with a liquid formula treatment) is immensely effective, while the effectiveness of spot-treating nutrient deficiencies using a technique called foliar feeding is a little more tricky.

The companies featured in the modern growing foliar applications category either manufacture, wholesale, or retail foliar applied nutrients or pesticides. Some of them also provide growers with the required delivery systems (sprayers).

To get the most out of your foliar applications, select high-quality products from reputable companies, always use clean equipment, always mix concentrated formulas to the right strengths, and time the application of the product properly.

Don’t foliar feed plants if your crops are not protected from sudden heavy rainfall, and don’t foliar feed plants in an open field on an exceptionally windy day unless you are using products that won’t harm nearby ecosystems.

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Green Point was founded with the determined vocation of contributing to theagricultural market with accurate 100% organic nutritional and fortifying... Learn More
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