At FloraFlex, we grow many varieties of plants. We know the joy of watching your plants blossom because you've figured out the perfect way to care for them, and we know the pain of watching them die or suffer because what you thought would work didn't.

Growing a plant can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. The FloraFlex community is here to help you.

FloraFlex™ products are designed from the inspiration and experience of growers in Southern California. FloraFlex™ patent-pending products provide the best and most efficient ways to deliver water and nutrients to every plant, while empowering companies and individuals to grow anywhere at any time.

The FloraFlex FloraCap is a revolutionary tool for top feeding that also helps eliminate algae. Place the six-inch FloraCap on top of your sixinch rockwool cubes, maximizing your space in the vegetative cycle. Fill the cap with water and nutrients by hand or automate with FloraClips.

Each cap features 34 flower-designed louvers that deliver water, nutrients, and air to the medium while blocking light.

The FloraCap strategically covers the top of the media, allowing the root zones to dry at a more consistent rate and delivering the necessary oxygen your plants need to thrive.

Algae disappears, healthy roots fill the medium, and blossoms multiply. The FloraCap was designed with the vegetative state in mind, but it has proven a worthy tool for the avid top feeder throughout the flowering stage as well.

To see our products in action, visit our website or follow our Instagram @floraflex. Our 24,000 followers are constantly sharing their successes with us!

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